We have a set process which we follow in all our fundraising. At any point in time, there will be a Project that we are fundraising for. Donations collected for that project (less any bank fees) are paid out for that project.

Any other fundraising activities including monthly membership donations, special events, outings, etc are summed up at the end of the month and also allocated to the current project less any costs associated with carrying out those activities such as venue hire, product costs if any, catering or bank fees for transactions.

We send full updates to all our members regarding all the activities, collections, costs and any other running costs in great detail in the members Facebook Group. If you decide to become a member, then you will also be given access to this information and be given the opportunity to make suggestions, recommendations and vote on upcoming projects and fundraising activities.

To become a member, simply choose a membership level after completing your donation to the current project below, or click here to find out about our membership levels.