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We are Education Is Our Future, a passionate global community working together to provide Egypt’s children with the opportunity to obtain good, quality education.

We believe that every Egyptian child should benefit from a positive learning experience that entails access to well-trained teachers, small class sizes, and an academically rigorous curriculum that opens their minds, enhances their lives, and betters their prospects for future employment, locally and globally.

In tandem, we believe that we are working to secure Egypt’s future as a prosperous nation by valuing and prioritizing education as a fundamental cornerstone for progress. We believe education combats poverty, social inequality and disease, and can effectively raise the economic, social, health and environmental standards of the entire nation.

Going About It…

As a community, we are pooling our energy, efforts and resources to raise awareness on the importance of education. We are also initiating and supporting projects that improve the quality and access to education for every school-aged child in Egypt, including projects that:

  • Give children access to education where such access is limited or non-existent.
  • Raise literacy and education quality by decreasing class sizes where classrooms and teachers are in low supply, or by providing better conditions in existing classrooms to facilitate learning.
  • Improve the caliber of teachers and implement more effective teaching methods.
  • Provide additional outside-of-school support through tutoring and mentoring programs.

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two girls in education

Measuring our Impact

We are intent on making sure our resources are used in the most effective way possible. Over 90% of your donations entrusted in our care will be used to fund our projects and we will maintain meticulous financial records that guarantees 100% transparency to all our members.

We will also ensure that safeguards are in place to mitigate any potential for waste. In addition, we are adamant about measuring our success. For each project, we establish baseline statistics at the beginning, and set aggressive yet attainable goals that provide significant improvements for those benefiting from the project. These metrics will be provided for each project upon evaluation.