Once you have signed up on a monthly membership, you are able to join our closed facebook group. On the Facebook group we present all new projects to the group and ask for members to vote on their preferences. Everyone has the opportunity to make suggestions to the group and we will put all final decisions to a vote by the group before moving forward.

If an error is made in making on line donation or if the donor changes their mind, we will honor all requests for refund that are made in writing within 30 days of the date the donation was made. The written refund request should include the details of the initial transaction including date, donation amount, donor’s name and the nature of the error. Requests for refund can be sent by email to admin@educationisourfuture.org. EIOF will fully examine all requests for refund and endeavour to ensure that genuine errors are rectified, however we are under no obligation to give refunds and the decision on refunds will be at EIOF’s discretion.

Yes, you can cancel your membership anytime you wish by logging into your account then selecting Account > Billing and cancelling it from there. You may also contact us directly to stop your membership at any time and we can do the same for you.

Monthly membership donations are summed up at the end of each month. Financial bank fees as well as advertising costs are deducted from the total monthly membership donations collected each month and the net proceeds are allocated to the current project. We will only have one current project accepting donations at any point in time. If the project reaches its pre-determined donation target before the end of the month, the following project is automatically started and monthly membership donations are allocated to that now-current project.

Before the start of each new project, we share the proposal with all members in our closed facebook group. All members get the opportunity to give their feedback, concerns and suggestions. The costs, plans, demographics and background on the partnering NGO are all shared in detail before any new project is accepted by our organisation.

This Charity was established by Tala Zein El Abedin, an Egyptian living in Sydney, Australia. This is the main reason it was set up in Australia. This structure also allows for higher flexibility for expatriated Egyptians from all around the world to make donations to education-based projects in an easy and friendly manner. The projects are carried out with partners in Egypt. The partners are Egyptian registered NGO’s with a proven history in their areas of operation. We spend a great deal of time on due-diligence of the projects and only partner up with trustworthy NGO’s.