Welcome to our new website!

This is the official site for the Education Is Our Future initiative aiming at improving Egyptian children’s access to better education.

Egypt is facing a devastating crisis at the moment with the state of education especially in public schools. You may be shocked to know that in many underprivileged areas, the majority of primary school children are still illiterate even after ‘passing’ their year 6 primary school certificate.

This is due to many reasons not limited to:

  • A decline in economy
  • An archaic education system focusing on learning and reciting facts rather than understanding and solution-finding
  • Low socio-economic conditions prohibiting access to education in many areas
  • Over-crowded classrooms in many areas reaching as high as 120 children per class.
  • Limited to no teacher training in most schools means teachers are not aware of the simplest and most basic of teaching methods
  • Extremely low teacher remuneration have forced the teachers to give private lessons, leaving underprivileged children also deprived of education.
  • An uncontrolled rise in population unmatched by infrastructure has resulted in pressure being placed on the schools to push students through the ranks due to limitation in resources regardless of their results. Some areas simply have no access to schools at all or children are forced to share the limited classroom facilities across several school years, thereby lowering the total schooling time for the children.


These are some of the factors that have resulted in the disastrous circumstances that Egypt currently finds itself in. Still with over 25% illiteracy rate, we must now act to rescue the rising generations from a dark future and allow them to reach their full potential and bring Egypt back to its former glory.

Join us now and be our next national hero!