Raised: EGP 12,303.67

Goal: EGP 500,000.00

This fundraising project is aimed at paying for ONE CLASSROOM for primary school children in the Tawasol School currenlty in progress. The total cost of one classroom is EGP 500,000.


Egypt is a developing country, with 26.3% of the population living in extreme poverty, and 49.9% of the population living under the upper poverty line (Poverty: Egypt, 2015). Education attainment is extremely limited, and public schools are not considered a good source for educational attainment.

Our Partners in Egypt:

Tawasol is one of our partners, reputable NGO established by a group of volunteers with extensive experience in community development in 2008. Tawasol is focused on providing quality services to the residents of one of the poorest areas in Cairo, namely Establ Antar/ Ezbet Khairallah/ Batn El Ba’ar.

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Ezzbet Khairallah’s population reached 750,000 citizens in 2016, as per the Minister of Education. Only one public school is serving Ezzbet Khairallah’s growing population

Tawasol aims to develop childing through education, various vocational trainings, and performing arts trainings. It also aims at developing children’s ability to live a better life at a better standard of living, through improving their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. Moreover, it develops skills and talents for students to be able to generate income on their own.

This video shows Tawasol’s last School project, which currently serves 150 students

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The new project is for the construction of a new school:

  • To be built on a 1,050 m2 piece of land in Ezbet Khairallah
  • The new school will be able to serve 500 students instead of the current capacity at 150.
  • It will also increase activities and add new initiatives to the current.

The new building will include the following:

  • 27 Classes
  • Labs
  • Performing Arts/Activities Space
  • Library
  • Workshops
  • Auditorium
  • Staff/Teachers Room
  • Cafeteria
  • Kitchen
  • Basketball Court
  • Clinic
The school project has already been approved and sanctioned by the local education authorities
Budgeted Total Cost: Approximately 12 Million Egyptian Pounds

By contributing to this project you are helping us raise the necessary funds to build one classroom within this school project.

Based on our member feedback it is most likely that we will start fundraising for another classroom as soon as we finish raising funds for this classroom.

Each classrom funded by ‘Education is Our Future’ members will bear a sign with our name and logo near its entrance.

The budget required for building one Classroom: EGP 500,000

Charity Donation Paper
New Building cover
New Cafeteria cover
New Classroom cover
New Lecture Room
New Playground cover

To find our more about Tawasol, click here For more information and Frequently Asked Questions, click here

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