Our Team

Tala Zein El Abedin profileTala Zein El Abedin

I have been living in Sydney, Australia since 1999 but Egypt has always been in my blood. I knew that Egypt’s current difficulties have emanated from the decline in education over the last 50 years in particular. So, I decided to do something about it and gathered a group of Egyptians who were just as passionate about this mission to start up our project ’Education is our Future’. I have owned and run several businesses in Australia and plan to use the business experience I have accumulated to assist with the growth and implementation of our project by allowing all the Egyptians in Egypt and worldwide to be part of helping Egypt get back on its feet and begin the journey back to its full former glory.

Dalia El-Newehy profileDalia El-El-Newehy

I am based in New York City, and have nearly 10 years of marketing experience working for a major law firm in the heart of Manhattan. I love all things beautiful, and find great pleasure in travel, hiking, diving, art, music and smart podcasts. I am also an optimist, and am always looking for ways in which my small contributions can make even the slightest difference. As a team member of ‘Education is our Future’, I am thrilled to leverage my marketing skills to help raise awareness about the importance of education reform in Egypt, and to rally the necessary support to help impart smart and practical changes that can positively improve lives and foster a prosperous future for Egypt.

Aida Motassem profileAida Motassem

I am a businesswoman living in Cairo. It is my ultimate passion to see Egypt prosper again and can see no other way than education. I have been involved in multiple charity projects locally focusing on education by building schools or classrooms, providing training courses for the teachers and helping children directly. I have focused in the area of El Mansouria due to the large gap in educational facilities compared to the rapid growth of population. I want to see initiatives like ‘Education is our Future’ expand all through Egypt and for all Egyptians contribute to education and embrace its importance to our country’s future.

Margo Benyamin profileMargo Benyamin

I am an interior designer graduated from faculty of fine arts Egypt 1996 In the year 2006 I immigrate to start another new life in Canada, but Egypt was and stayed in my mind, in how I can positively contribute in the Egyptian development and education.

I worked as interior designer for several years and finally decided to do my own business by designing accessories and jewellery, as well as Catering east Mediterranean food, which both have the reflection and taste of Egyptian spirit.

I love volunteering in several programs activities, specially the ones helping and educating poor kids who are homeless and deprived of school education, as well as volunteering in senior care programs.

Hazem Zein El Abedin profileHazem Zein El Abedin

I am business located in Mohandessin, Giza and am a mechanical Engineer. Science has always been my passion. I can see how many children in under-privileged areas in Egypt were deprived of the opportunities of quality Education, which is why I established a ‘Science Club’ in liaising with local schools in the area of El Mansouria aimed at primary-school aged children.

The objective was to bring the joys and wonders of science to the children and spark their interest in learning and education. It has been heart-warming to watch the children experience the love of discovery and creativity. I would like to see more programs like this implemented in as many under-privileged areas as possible in Egypt.

Our Partners

Tala Zein El Abedin profileTawasol

Tawasol NGO was founded by a group of volunteers with extensive experience in community development in 2008. It aims to provide quality services to the residents of slum areas in Cairo (Establ Antar/ Ezbet Khairallah/ Batn El Ba’ar). Services provided by Tawasol, include long-term ones related to human capital development, and short-term ones related to immediate necessities. The flagship project of Tawasol is a primary community school, which was built and equipped in 2008, and funded by corporates and individual donations.

The school targets three developmental aspects, education, vocational training, and performing arts training. Moreover, Tawasol has a health care unit that serves the students and the area’s residents.

Tawasol’s main objective is to provide a safe, nurturing hub for developing children aged 8-16 years who would otherwise be included in child labor activities in slum areas in Cairo.

NAMAD ProfileNahdet El Mansouria for Development (NAMAD)

Managed by Mrs Inas Omar, this organisation has been active in the area of El Mansouria for over 10 years. Mansouria is 30 kilometers outside of Cairo, home to 500,000 people in many small villages and farms. Nahdet El Mansouria (NAMAD) means to uplift its people through many projects, which the people are in need of. Amongst many others, they have completed several projects involving education such as teaching reading and writing children in the area, providing teachers with training courses, building classrooms and even schools in areas that are lacking such facilities.